Phoenix Badminton Club Aylesbury

About Us

Phoenix began its life from coaching classes held at the Guttmann Sports Centre in Stoke Mandeville in Aylesbury in the early 90’s.  Then it was called Guttmann and consisted of beginners of many ages.  Several teams were entered into the lower divisions of the junior Aylesbury league.

The first adult team that was entered was a Ladies again entered into the bottom divisions of the Adult Aylesbury league.  Lorraine Cooper took on the responsibility of all the monies and secretarial role for running this team, and she continued this up until just a few years ago.

When the stadium closed for refurbishment we took on the challenge of keeping the junior coaching viable and booked the Grange school for this.  At this point the name was changed to PHOENIX to avoid any come back from the sports centre.

We were running sessions for different ages and abilities and as we expanded we set up premier squads to meet the players’ needs in order to develop their full potential. 

The adult and junior club – although called the same name and containing juniors playing in the adult Phoenix and having a common link of coaches and other committee members was run as a separate entity and it was only last year that we fully amalgamated as one club.

The club became Silver club marked in 2006 and is now a Badminton ENGLAND PREMIER club.

Phoenix is constantly changing, expanding trying new ideas. Its values are holistic in the approach to the player.  Each member is encouraged to discover their strengths whether this be in playing ability, organising, citizenship, fair play etc.  Each player is expected to commit 100% effort to all training and playing opportunities.

Last season we entered 10 teams into the adult Aylesbury league and 3 into the Wycombe league, 5 junior teams were entered into the Aylesbury junior league and 2 in the Wycombe junior league!

Phoenix ended top of the junior league for the 4th year running.  Many teams finished top of their division in the adult Aylesbury and Wycombe leagues also.

Players are given opportunities to practice technique, movement, and tactics.  Close attention is paid to attitudes, training, peers, volunteers, coaches, to themselves and their expectations to matches and competition etc.  Players are helped to build their awareness of psychology, and how this applies to badminton.

All these ‘soft’ skills transfer across into daily living as individuals grow in confidence, self esteem and self awareness.

The club is a registered charity and prides itself on helping other groups in the community.  24 hour badminton marathons are popular with club members and friends alike and while helping with our own funding we enjoy passing over a percentage to other charitable groups.

Phoenix are proud to be an 'Inclusive' Club and have recently set up a weekly session for Wheelchair players at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

Once a year the club holds a presentation evening which is a family event.  Players are awarded and recognised for a variety of talents, from playing and winning to attitude, effort, fair-play, movement skills, captains are rewarded for all their hard work and the captain of the year has a special award.

Parties for Christmas, Halloween, Summer picnics, trips to the All England also appear on our calendar of events.

With two evening sessions for adults now firmly established over the last two years the club is a well seasoned family.  The evening sessions are run extremely effectively by Lynn Payne who ensures that every one who enters the domain of Phoenix is welcomed warmly.  The sessions are open to ANYONE and fees are paid by the session.  These evenings are informal and great fun.  Everyone is given the opportunity to enjoy badminton at their own level and fair-play, and helpfulness go hand in hand.

Free coaching by an experienced and qualified coach is offered on the Monday sessions at times.

The success of our club is due all each of our members whether they play for a team, are casual players or beginners of whatever age.

As the years have passed it has been my privilege to witness many of our players forming long lasting friendships – as they move away to Uni or work – very often they return to play again in our ‘Phoenix environment’ I have seen shy withdrawn children develop into players of great standing – often able to help with developing others.  Many of our players play for the County, some choose not to do so even though they have the talent.  Laughter, caring, nurturing, often challenging are the undercurrents of our club.  I am very proud to be a part of this.